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Marketing tactics for your business

Houston Marketing Agency Tactics

Brand Tackle has all of the resources you need to attract the best customers and prospects with the right lures. We've caught our share of keepers with the following marketing and advertising tactics:

  • Strategic planning & brand development
  • Message development
  • Building awareness & generating leads
  • Sales support & sales presentations, PowerPoint and custom presentations
  • Advertising
    • Print
    • Digital/banners
    • Google AdWords: search term, remarketing, managed placement
    • Outdoor
  • Direct marketing
    • New customer acquisition, customer retention & growth, key account acquisition, awareness, lead generation, trade show/event support, product launches
  • Collateral & brochures
    • Capabilities/product brochures, specification sheets, sales support, FAQs, white papers, testimonials & case histories
  • Websites & digital media
  • Trade shows & events
  • Logos, corporate ID, branding
  • Custom illustrations & photography
  • Annual reports
  • Corporate videos & YouTube content
  • And more!

To learn more about our marketing services and marketing experience, we are ready to start the conversation today.

Marketing Portfolio

We welcome you to browse our marketing portfolio to get a feel for the quality of our work.

Houston Branding & Identity, Logos
Houston Advertising & Houston Advertising Agency
Houston Brochure Design Portfolio
Houston Website Design Portfolio
Houston Direct Marketing Portfolio
Houston Tradeshow Portfolio
Houston Photography Portfolio
Houston Marketing Success Stories


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To learn more about our marketing services and marketing experience, let’s start the conversation today.

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