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Brand Tackle, The History of a
Houston Marketing Agency

In order to remain focused on high-quality work, and not get caught up in the constant hamster wheel of agency building, Brand Tackle decided to remain steadfast in its core fundamental views that still serve the company well today - work hard, treat people with respect, be nice, have fun, deliver creative ideas and always drink plenty of water

Houston marketing firm original websiteBrand Tackle, a Houston marketing agency, was officially formed and began operations in January 2012 by Darrell Wehlmann and James Grantham. Each of the partners shared similar views on marketing, client service, creativity and work ethic – and the two Texas natives met in 2007. Darrell was a partner with a successful, mid-sized, full-service marketing firm, where he spent over a decade helping clients grow brands, solve unique challenges, build technology systems, generate leads and improve sales. James was the Creative Director at the same agency (he did a lot of cool stuff too) and together they decided that their common ideals and marketing perspectives, not to mention an equal passion for fishing, would help them form a unique marketing firm in the Houston area.

Of course, there are plenty of advertising agencies, marketing firms and advertising freelancers in the Houston market who can help fulfill client needs. These two professionals viewed the creation of Brand Tackle as more than just a company. It was a way to earn a living doing what they loved – helping people solve marketing challenges. Coming on the heels of a very difficult business environment in 2012 where many agencies were shutting their doors and heading for the hills, Darrell and James had the idea to simplify the agency model and build a small, but focused, team of highly experienced marketing and advertising veterans. Brand Tackle was born.

In order to remain focused on high-quality work, and not get caught up in the constant hamster wheel of agency building, Brand Tackle decided to remain steadfast in its core fundamental views that still serve the company well today:

  • Our reputation, our word and our scruples outweigh the profitability on any job.
  • Creativity isn’t limited to layouts, concepts and campaigns. Marketing planning, targeting strategies and day-to-day problem solving are served just as much with creative thinking. Maybe even more.
  • Good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. If you don’t have the confidence to accept good ideas from your clients, vendors, friends or family, you are missing out on some real gems.
  • Work hard, play hard. Balanced marketers are much more productive than people who are continuously tethered to their jobs (and phones) just to make a name for themselves. Our work time and family time are both very important – and we draw clear lines to stay fresh.
  • Be nice and use good manners. There is true strength that comes from doing the right thing and treating people with respect. However, don’t confuse kindness with weakness.
  • If you’re not having fun, change your course. Life is too short to hate what you’re doing.
  • Surprises are for Christmas and birthdays, not for opening up invoices.
  • God, kids, wives, husbands and families come first. A single marketing project isn’t even close.
  • Drink plenty of water.

After seven-plus years, we’re still going strong – thanks to the scores of clients who have trusted Brand Tackle with their work. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with Brand Tackle, we would love to start the conversation.

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